Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Buy Biraben Foie Gras de Canard Entier du Sud – Ouest (130g - £15.02 / 180g - £19,63 )

Whether you like your Foie Gras uncooked, on toast or cooked, just about any Champagne will work fine as a partner (Try with Pol Roger Pure Nature). The carbonation and yeast of very nice and dry Champagne cut the fat of the liver without fighting with it.

Not many foods can invite creative pairings with a 10yrs Tawny Port (Try with Convento das Aguias 10years £18.02). A complex flavour from the PORT oak ageing combined with the Foie Gras fat creates a complex palatable explosion on your tongue.      

Therein lays the appeal and complexity of a good quality Foie Gras.

Just in time to make an unusual special surprise for your loved ones! Cultivate their knowledge and help them to discover the fabulous world of Matching food and drinks.

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