Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Port and Cheese Tasting (23/11/2012)

Already a Wine person interested in what you drink? And willing to know more and more in a relaxed approaching! So give us the pleasure of your presence in Our PUTNEY WINE CLUB thematic Wine Tasting Events.

The purpose is spend some good times enjoying amazingly interesting Wines. In our Tastings the Wine will be treated like a living life showing the natural expression of their past with delightful moments. Sounds Good? So enjoy and participate in PUTNEY WINE CLUB Xmas Port Tasting Event.

Fred and Jorge are accepting the inscriptions in Store. To be held on the 23rd November at 9:00 pm SPIRITED WINES Putney Store. Ticket Price £20

Cheese PORT TASTING The idea is to try different styles of PORT and get a general view of the reason why they taste so different but full of character and personality. Since the Aged in Bottle for a long time to the one that goes so soon to bottle there is a lot to discover and taste.
In the end of the tasting Various kind of cheese will be avaiable to do the perfect Match...

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

EVERY DAY Port Wine - Convento das Aguias Ruby Port

The port wine is produced in a carefully delimited part of the Douro region that extends from 100 Kms east of the city of Porto to the Spanish border, covering an area of 74130 acres. The vineyard is essentially strewed on terraces, classified by Marques de Pombal since 1756 (first DOC in the world) according to a quality range that considers the soils' quality, the sun exposure, the varieties of grape,etc...

In style this ruby has flavours of Cherry Chocolate and strong herbaceous flavours just earned during the strong maceration on the Alcoholic fermentation. The bottling is done just a few time after... to give the treat to OUR wine People. On the palate is there a certainly sweetness involving our senses with delicate fresh grapes tasting (Blend of 5 Varieties) balanced with a strong taste of dark grape skin. The use of granitic open tanks for fermentation helps to boost the extraction of colour and really gives complexity to the wine.

Ideal conditions to taste it
Temperature : from 15° to 17°
Suggestions: as an appetizer or to accompany a dessert based on red berries.


Clos La Cotale from Cahors Wine region is produced with 80% Malbec and 20% Merlot grapes.
The yield is on average 45hl/ha which enables good maturation and regular quality over the years.
Since 2004 that I follow this Wine and never disappoints with is immense typical flavours of dark ripen fruit flavours. On the palate you can always taste the delicious tannins well balanced with the rich peppery taste.

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Sunday, 17 January 2010

CLOS LA COUTALE CAHORS 2010 – Best Value Malbec in store

Big, rich and darkly colours—these are the descriptors for the best red wines from the Cahors district of southwest France. The leading grape is Malbec (that’s right, there was Malbec before Argentina) but Tannat and Merlot can also be used in these blends. They beg to be drunk with a juicy rib-eye or a roasted leg of lamb. There’s a good sense of elegance to the well-defined, concentrated flavours of dark cherry, blackberry and plum, followed by notes of dark chocolate and tobacco leaf on the long end of taste. In the body you can feel the Happy clusters arriving on the Winery. Philippe BernĂ©de is a renaissance man whose interests range from cooking, to sports, aviation and a few patented inventions. Winegrowing is his passion, however, and it shows in the quality of his wine. This 55 hectare estate spreads over a stretch of land on the alluvial valley floor, along the meandering Lot River. The soil, which consists of gravel, silica clay and limestone, is particularly well-suited for vines. Because the vineyards face southwest, they are protected from the cold winds that blow from the Causse upland plateau. This also allows the fruit to achieve full ripeness early in the season. A Must try

Smooth Cabernet from Lafite Rothchild's exciting Chilean joint venture

Los Vascos is a pure Cab. Sauv. from 08 vintage, colchagua, Chile. Reflects a Very traditional style with loads of color and tannins that can be perfectly balanced with a medium rare sirloin beef...but has also structure to age a lot more in the cellar and then you will get some leather, peppery...spicy mature notes and a body much more elegant. A complex after taste shows personality and caracter.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

La Stoppa,Emiglia romagna Italy

August 2003, sun was shining even after 3 weeks since the ripeness stage started ... and
The Malvasia for the PASSITO was on the vines looking for the Bonard and Barbera been harvested and going To big vats on the Strong sun, 40 degrees and big macerations! The result is fantastic and science none...but university was arriving and the language understanding still running! My big thanks to Convento Capuccinos for changing the Bulb that was faulty at 7 am after knocking on my door and asking me to dress...yeah

Vines section

Douro Valley, Portugal

No Words could ever describe the relation of this land with the HUMAN...but the OLD PORT Taste can make you travel so a place were people dedicate their life to bring you such amazing wine caused by the nature efforts.

Is all about oxidizing the Wine to a point that will make him living FOR EVER!

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Marlborough New Zealand 2007 - Making Oyster Bay