Tuesday, 19 January 2010

EVERY DAY Port Wine - Convento das Aguias Ruby Port

The port wine is produced in a carefully delimited part of the Douro region that extends from 100 Kms east of the city of Porto to the Spanish border, covering an area of 74130 acres. The vineyard is essentially strewed on terraces, classified by Marques de Pombal since 1756 (first DOC in the world) according to a quality range that considers the soils' quality, the sun exposure, the varieties of grape,etc...

In style this ruby has flavours of Cherry Chocolate and strong herbaceous flavours just earned during the strong maceration on the Alcoholic fermentation. The bottling is done just a few time after... to give the treat to OUR wine People. On the palate is there a certainly sweetness involving our senses with delicate fresh grapes tasting (Blend of 5 Varieties) balanced with a strong taste of dark grape skin. The use of granitic open tanks for fermentation helps to boost the extraction of colour and really gives complexity to the wine.

Ideal conditions to taste it
Temperature : from 15° to 17°
Suggestions: as an appetizer or to accompany a dessert based on red berries.

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