Sunday, 17 January 2010

CLOS LA COUTALE CAHORS 2010 – Best Value Malbec in store

Big, rich and darkly colours—these are the descriptors for the best red wines from the Cahors district of southwest France. The leading grape is Malbec (that’s right, there was Malbec before Argentina) but Tannat and Merlot can also be used in these blends. They beg to be drunk with a juicy rib-eye or a roasted leg of lamb. There’s a good sense of elegance to the well-defined, concentrated flavours of dark cherry, blackberry and plum, followed by notes of dark chocolate and tobacco leaf on the long end of taste. In the body you can feel the Happy clusters arriving on the Winery. Philippe Bernéde is a renaissance man whose interests range from cooking, to sports, aviation and a few patented inventions. Winegrowing is his passion, however, and it shows in the quality of his wine. This 55 hectare estate spreads over a stretch of land on the alluvial valley floor, along the meandering Lot River. The soil, which consists of gravel, silica clay and limestone, is particularly well-suited for vines. Because the vineyards face southwest, they are protected from the cold winds that blow from the Causse upland plateau. This also allows the fruit to achieve full ripeness early in the season. A Must try

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