Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Buy FRENCH CHEESE Putney (London) thanks to Beillevaire

 Now We Sell French Cheeses in the Shop 

It Was your Choice!
And the last 2 weeks have been really exciting to our dear friends and customers!

Just because freshness, exclusivity, passion and great prices are the way forward! Every Thursday great quality cheeses fill our fridge and shop with the most irresistible natural aromas thanks to Beillevaire!

Price List based on Average Weight (23-10-2012)

OUR COWs milk Cheeses
    (Average Weight      Price 100 g    
          per Item)          or per unit

Brie Meaux   150 g  - £2.62
Camembert   £5,61 / each
Coeur de Neufchatel   £5,90 / each
Epoisses Fermier   £9.95 / each
Livarot   £5,60 / half
Machecoulais   £4,24 / each
Comte (36 months)   150g - £4,32
Gruyere De Alpage   150g - £3,08
Mimolette tendre   150g - £2,35
 Morbier Fermier   200g - £3,75
Reblochon Fermier   200g - £5,25
Rocher Nantais   200g - £4,50
Fourme de Ambert   200g - £4,50        

OUR GOATS milk Cheese
Montrachet                           £7,95 / each
Selles sur cher AOP              £5,80 / each
Pont de Yeu                          £5,70 / each
Crottin de Chavignol AOP     £3,25 / each

OUR EWES milk Cheese
Ginestarie Bio                        £4,90 / each
Ossau Iraty Fermier               £4,80 / each               
Join Us in store every Saturday to explore the complex world of matching Wine and Cheese! All that for FREE! 

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