Wednesday, 24 October 2012




This weekend, on Saturday 27th of October 2012 another amazing Cheese and wine match is on his way!

My wine choice is SOSPIRO, VALPOLICELLA RIPASSO 2010, with intense ruby red in colour. Is Fruity with deep hints of wild berries and Jam, dry taste, structured with a soft and warm evolvente finish.

Made of Grape varieties: (80% Corvina, 10% Molinara, 10% Rondinella) native from northern Italy.

What makes this wine more special than a normal Valpolicella is the fact that the lees produced when making the Amarone (rich, full and famous worldwide) are then used to give complexity in flavour and taste. 'Ripasso' literally means 'revision', 'ri-pass', 'go over again' and is an old technique used by Valpolicella winemakers to enrich the normal Valpolicella wine with the flavours of the Amarone.

My adventurous cheese choice to match the Ripasso is Camembert de Normandie (Bonchoix).

Raw milk, of course!

A beautiful yellow paste off odors undergrowth, just refined heart: when no more trait (core) white, but not runny. Normandy, of course!

Made in the protected designation of origin "Camembert de Normandie PDO ', moreover it represents only 4% of the pie chart.


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